"More Snuggle Sleep Systems"

Custom Sleep Experiences Made Just For You!

More Snuggle Sleep Systems, are uniquely designed and offer a custom sleep experience for you and your spouse. The upper third of the mattress is divided while the bottom two thirds is made just like a traditional mattress is made. This creates what we call the SNUGGLE ZONE.

> Position Changes Everything In the Bedroom

The custom sleep experience we speak of is a “touch of a button” easy too. No complex parts that can break, just touch the button and achieve your own customized sleep position unique to your side of the bed while your spouse does
the same.

>No More Divide

Previously, the only way to accomplish a unique and customized sleep experience was to combine two twin extra-long mattresses but couples had to live with the divide in the middle, between them. There is a comfort and relaxation benefit gained to having your spouse with you in bed, it’s hard to replicate if you feel you are sleeping apart.
Additionally, pushing two twin extra-long mattresses together only works for those with room for a king-size mattress, but what if you don’t have that room? In rare instances, split queen mattresses are available but options are very limited and the sleeping room for both of you is greatly sacrificed.

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