Online Warranty Form

We are dedicated to resolving your warranty needs, and typically respond to submissions within 5 business days. We are closed on the weekend, but will respond to all requests from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, by end-of-business on Monday.

What you’ll need

1. Product Information
We will want to know the brand, product type, and defect reason to process your order. Please note: If you are filing a claim on a mattress or box spring only, we will also want to collect details about the complementary pieces of your sleep system (i.e., for mattress only, we will want details about your box spring and foundation).

2. Contact & Order Information
We will need your Name, Email, and Address as it appeared on your invoice. If you have your invoice handy it will be helpful, but you do not need to have a copy of your invoice to file a warranty claim.

3. Photos of Your Merchandise
See the below photos required and make sure you have them ready for uploading before getting started. All photos should be taken in the home – please do not take the merchandise outside as it may become unsanitary.
Please remember to remove bed linens before taking the photos, and do not push, sit or jump on the bed to demonstrate what you are experiencing.

NOTE: All required photos are necessary in order for a proper determination to be made on your claim. Failure to upload one of the required photos may result in a significant delay for your warranty results.

Photo preparation (only for mattress, mattress + box spring or frame support)


Please note: The online claim is designed to capture all of the necessary details in one sitting. If you exit the form before completing it, the information will NOT be saved. We recommend gathering all of the necessary information before initiating a claim, as it will take about 15-minutes to complete a claim in its entirety.