“ Corsicana Mattress a Top 5 Mattress Producer in the country, and makes the best value line in the Industry. Offering the most inexpensive price point hitting products since day 1, Corsicana has a competitive advantage in high volume production. With solid beds, and great warranties Corsicana is present in most retail stores today. However, many times they are labeled as the house brand at retail. Your dollars go farther in our stores, thanks to Corsicana.”

Morgan Plush

“ The Corsicana Morgan plush is a high-end value mattress. It offers
phase changes cooling from its foam gel layers, and also its cooling fabric. With a premium foam encased pocketed coil system, this line echoes the solid feel of Serta I-comforts, for a fraction of the cost. Serene foam a temperature neutral memory foam makes this beds depth of feel stand out. The Morgan plush is one of the top 5 best sellers at Rock and Roll City Mattress. With 1000 pocketed coils, and a hybrid feel, what is not to love?”

Carraway Euro -top

“ The Carraway Euro-Top is the best selling mattress at Rock and Roll City. With a solid memory foam medium firmness, a premium wire tied coil system and reinforced foam encased edges, no other mattress rivals the price point. Available for same day pickup or delivery, this is a statement of value, that elevates our offering from the competition.”

Liberty Euro-Top

“ The Liberty Euro-Top is a wire tied coil mattress, with medium firm foam upholstery layers and a medium plush feel. The base model queen set shown in store, does not disappoint. The bargain set you have been searching for that will not fall apart.